Haarlem, The Netherlands
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Hi! I’m Karen, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I have been drawing and creating all my life. My mom had (and still has) a room full of paper, cardboard, pencils, paint and everything you can imagine to create stuff. I was always allowed to search the room for things I could use. I ended up going to a graphic design school. I loved it. All of a sudden drawing was my homework!

After graduating, I worked at two different design studios. In 2009 I started my own business. At first, I only worked for my clients at night and the weekends. In 2013 I said goodbye to my boss and became a full-time freelancer.

That was the same year I met the love of my life, Nienke. A lot happened since then. We bought a house, we got ourselves two fluffy cat friends (Doris & Nellie), Nienke gave birth to our son Nan and we got married.

Nienke and I also started a business together: The Happiness Troupe. We make products for the LGBTQ community. There was stuff missing to celebrate our milestones, so we decided to make it ourselves.


Nederlandse Brandwonden Stichting // COC Kennemerland // Delta Lloyd // GGD Zaanstreek - Waterland // Gemeente Medemblik // International Orange // Momice // Grolsch // Vodafone // Eurofiber // Service Now // P3 Purmerend // Passenger Terminal Amsterdam // Rabobank // Centrale Bank van Suriname // Steuer Nederland b.v.